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Thes du Japon
Thes du Japon

Thes du Japon

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About Thés du Japon Our story

“Thés du Japon” is the story of two Frenchmen who met in a marvelous and inspiring land: Japan. They have both been living in Japan for many years – over two decades – and are very familiar with the complexity and refinement of the Japanese people. One of them, the first French Japanese Tea Instructor (Nihon-cha Instructor), received his diploma in 2009, and is a well-known figure in the demanding world of tea specialists, where precision is a way of life. It requires passion, a fine sense of taste and a great deal of commitment.


Our Japanese tea sommelier

Florent Weugue is the first French national to be awarded the diploma of "Nihon-cha Instructor" (Japanese Tea Instructor) in Japan.

Florent Weugue is resident in Japan since 2005 In 2009, Florent passed the examinations to become "Nihon-cha instructor" (No. 10-2506), becoming the first French "Japanese Tea Instructor" in Japan.

From September 2009 to February 2014, he worked as a salesman at Maruyama-en Honten, which has several Japanese tea shops in the Tokyo area. As such he also holds many seminars and workshops about Japanese tea for a Japanese people audience!

In parallel, from 2010 begins the adventure of Thés-du-Japon.com, where Florent is responsible for the sourcing and selection of teas and accessories.

Florent since 2011 is also the author of the blog "Japanese Tea Sommelier". Since early 2014, Florent work full-time for Thés du Japon, always looking for new teas and Japanese artisan works products.

As Nihoncha Instructor, I would like to help to a better understanding and appreciation of authentic Japanese quality tea and artisan works, in Japan and abroad. The growing, the producing region (terroir and specificities), cultivar (in the wine one would speak about “cépage”), method of manufacture, finishing, brewing, and even the accessories are as many parameters that come into play when talking of tea. But they are also all of which make it exciting.
I would be happy to help you in your "way of tea" helping you to know and understand the true Japanese products, teas and tea wares, so as to bring you the best possible experience with the teas of Japan.

Florent Weugue


Our teas

Most of our teas are high-quality first harvest teas (ichiban-cha). They are vacuum packed so that they keep fresh and retain their quality for a long time. Our company

Made up of French and Japanese tea enthusiasts, Thés du Japon reflects the complexity and high standards required to operate at the world-class level. Thés du Japon is governed by Japanese law, and is registered at the Osaka Chamber of Commerce in Western Japan.

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