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Obukucha is a traditional tea used to celebrate the New Year in Japan. In 951, there was an epidemic in Western Japan, and a priest named Kuya offered tea with ume to those suffering from the disease helping to decrease the severity of the epidemic. Soon after this incident, it is said that Emperor Murakami drank this tea at New Year's; and because the emperor drank this tea, it was named kofuku-cha 皇服茶 (ko 皇 meaning emperor, fuku 服 meaning to drink). The word 'kofuku 幸福' also means happiness or good luck and that is where the name obukucha 大福茶 (o 大 meaning big, fuku 福 meaning luck) comes from. The edible gold flakes are included to make a tea one for celebratory occasions such as New Year’s or birthdays.