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Miyano Tea Factory is a small-scale finishing factory operated by Keiji Miyano in Sayama, Saitama (just north of Tokyo).

Miyano Tea Factory

Message from Miyano Tea Factory

My family has been creating and selling tea from the Sayama region for over a century now. We don't believe that expensive tea is good tea, but rather who you enjoy tea with that is most important. You pour tea, and enjoy it with a friend--tea is a tool for communication. This is the type of tea that we want the world to enjoy in this fast-paced age. Enjoy that special moment with your loved one over a cup of tea.

Takehisa Miyano, CEO

Company Info

Miyano Tea Factory
Takehisa Miyano
Tea Master
Keiji Miyano
Finishing factory
25-2 Kitairiso, Sayama-shi, Saitama-ken 350-1315, JAPAN
Established in 1870.