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The beauty of Momiji, the Japanese Maple in your cup

Since ancient times, momiji leaves, or Japanese maple leaves, have been a poetic symbol of the changing of the seasons from summer to fall. Its beautiful shape and brilliant red color have been loved and written about in Japanese poetry for over a thousand years.

At Maple Laboratory Inc., we have turned this poetic symbol into an edible delight. In our maple orchards, we research the best ways to grow, harvest, and process the leaves, we've created numerous products that present the taste of the Japanese autumn.

Atsushi Honma, President

  • Company name: Maple Laboratory Inc.
  • Location: Tajimi Industry & Culture Center 2nd Floor, 1-18 Shinmachi, Tajimi-city, Gifu Prefecture, 507-0046 Japan
  • Established: 2011.12.27
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