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Kaoli Nakamura

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"Light and shadow, atmosphere and texture...
With these in mind, I hope to create works that will stimulate the senses."
(translated from the original words by Kaori)

About the artist, NAKAMURA Durafourg Kaori

Artist Kaori Nakamura was born in 1981 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan. She studied ceramics in Okinawa and graduated from Okinawa Prefectural University of Arts, Crafts major, Ceramic Arts, in 2005. After graduation, she remained at the university to work as a part-time assistant worker for the department. In the same year, with four other people (all women) planned and ran "neutral space [cotef]" at the Takasago-den of Maejima Art Center in Naha.
Upon marriage and having a child, she moved back to Chiba for few years. In 2009, she decided to restart her career as a ceramic artist and in 2011, she moved to Okinawa once again. Currenly, she teaches at Avurn Pottery & Ceramic Art School, at the same time, producing ceramic works as atelier [petit papillon].

Past Exhibitions
2005: Planned and ran "neutral space [cotef]" at the Takasago-den of Maejima Art Center in Naha
2006: Exhibition "kyoukaisenwooyogu" (swimming in the borderline) at Cafe mofgmona
2007: Exhibition "Ryuushi no idou 粒子の移動" (movement of particles) at Cafe UNIZON
2009: Exhibition "bonne soiree" at Cafe ue
2010: Exhibition "Hibi-ten 日々展" (everyday) at suupu-ya すーぷや hyuge
2012: Exhibition "shiro ni ukabu iro 白に浮かぶ色" (colors that appear on white) at kufuu