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Shinjiro Imura
Moshio is salt made of seaweed such as hon’dawara (sargassum), and is mild in flavor with umami.The beige color of moshio is a result of the umami condensed from only sea water and seaweed.
Shinjiro Imura and Akira Imura

Agricultural manufacturer Kanazawa Daichi (CEO Shinjiro Imura above left) is the manufacturing arm of Kanazawa Agriculture Co., Ltd. operated by Mr. Imura's father, Akira Imura (above right). Kanazawa Agriculture has been long dedicated to organic farming, and its operations were organic certified (in 2009) under the USDA's National Organic Program, the Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association (2001), and meets the EU Organic Farming certification qualifications.

As a producer, we have a responsibility to deliver safe and high quality products to consumers. We wish to convey a food culture steeped in tradition and suitable to the land. Within the vast industries related to food and agriculture, we wish to increase the value of agricultural products as a means of establishing a stronger organization.


Company Info

Kanazawa Daichi
Hatta-cho, Kanazawa City, Ishikawa