In 1931, Tasashi Tsuchiya began his career as a tea merchant, and following the war, established the Uogashi Meicha company near the Tsukiji fish market in 1950. During the height of Japanese tea production growth in the 1970s, the company established itself as a manufacturer of teas with the building of their Shizuoka tea factory in 1973.

Today, grandson Hiroyoshi, and great-granddaughter Yo, operate 10 shops in and around Tokyo in addition to the Shizuoka factory. We at Yunomi chose their shop in Ginza, Cha Ginza, as the primary brand name to sell their products because of the location is easy to access for those visiting Japan.

The 3rd generation company head, Hiroyoshi, is pictured below at the far left.

  • NAME: Hagimura Tea Factory
  • LOCATION: 3285 Suizawacho, Yokkaichi City, Mie Prefecture JAPAN
  • SIZE OF FIELDS: 47 hectares (own fields), 63 hectares (partner farms)