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Since 1911, our company has provided customers with peace of mind through our tea products. We believe "peace of mind" is very important in this busy world. If you are not at peace in your heart, it becomes so easy to let little things turn into big problems. So, even when you are busy, you make a cup of tea using a good kyusu teapot. As you calmly wait for the hot water to cool, the pause forces you to be calm. This is what we wish to bring you.

Tea gives people good health and calm. We never stop hoping that this wonderful tea culture will be passed down from our children to the generation of our grand children. We actively organize classes on how to brew good tea at local elementary, junior, and high schools and various organizations.

Also, as it has long been said that the 21st century is the age of the environment, our company obtained the ISO14001 in 2001. Clean water and soil is essential in order to make delicious tea. Our company has implemented in-depth measures to protect the environment such as using environment-friendly packaging and reusing the tea waste generated in the production process as fertilizer. And outside of the company as well by providing suggestions for our clients to effectively reuse the tea leaves in their homes.

Additionally, in 2000 we were certified for JAS organic production, helping promote the health of our customers as well as improve soil development in the cultivation of our organic tea. Through Chasandai's tea, we will continue to bring you peace of mind, moments of family harmony and health. We humbly thank you for your support.

Akemi Mishiro, CEO


Chasandai Tea FactoryChasandai Tea FactoryChasandai Tea Factory


  • Name: The Chasandai Tea Factory (Chasandai Co., Ltd.)
  • Type: Finishing Factory
  • CEO: Akemi Miyo
  • Established: 1911
  • Employees: 33
  • Location: 729-6 Nagahama-cho, Izumo, Shimane 693-0043