Azuma Tea Garden: Japanese Black Tea Asahi Cultivar

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Azuma Tea Garden

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The Azuma family’s black tea is made with specific cultivars from single fields. Without using pesticides, small insects called unka populate the field in the early summer and damage the leaves in a way that turns into a delicious flavor when the leaves are withered into black tea. The process is similar to that seen in the Taiwanese oolong called Oriental Beauty.

Product Info

  • Name: Japanese Black Tea "Asahi" Cultivar
  • Japanese name: 和紅茶 あさひ
  • Ingredients: Black tea
  • Cultivar: Asahi
  • Harvest Season: Summer
  • Region: Kyoto Prefecture

Steeping Info

  • Steeping - Tea: 5 grams. Time: 3~5 minutes. Water: 80~100˚C/176~212˚F, 200cc~300cc.
  • Drinking tea cold or with milk or sugar also good.
  • The amounts above are guidelines. Adjust to preference.
  • Consider also advanced steeping techniques such as cold or ice steeping (see Steeping Techniques).

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