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What's Kuromitsu? Japanese Style Syrup Recipe

What's Kuromitsu? Japanese Style Syrup Recipe - Yunomi.life

Sachiko Murata |

Japanese style syrup , Kuromitsu

Kuromitsu (黒蜜) ,literally means black-syrup, is a key ingredient in traditional Japanese confections such as AnmitsuWarabi mochi and Shiratama. You’ll see many products with Kuromitsu in stores in Japan. It can be also used with other sweet dishes and drinks such as pancakes, ice cream, yogurt and milk, etc. 


An-mitsu (あんみつ)


What is Kuromitsu made from? 

Kuromitsu syrup is made from Kurozato/Kokuto (黒砂糖) , usually translated as muscovado sugar in English. Kurozato is made by extracting the juice of fresh sugar cane and crystalizing it, and it contains minerals like potassium and iron that are removed during refining of white sugar. Kurozato used to be taken as "ぬちぐすい (Nu chi gu su i)" in Okinawa ,literally means "life-medicine" in Okinawa dialect, which is the food that tastes delicious and makes you energetic and feel better. Kurozato is mainly made in Okinawa and Kagoshima in Japan. 


Kurozato/Kokutou (黒砂糖)


Kuromitsu syrup made from the Kurozato has not only sweet taste, but also has a natural and rich flavor. Children like it too as it’s not too strong. It tastes milder and thinner compared to Molasses/ Black treacle.  

Let's make it !

Get Kurozato or muscavo sugar,  or get "unrefined cane sugar" "dark brown soft sugar"on the label if you can't get them. The syrup made with these types of sugars should tastes similar to Kuromitsu


Kuromitsu RECIPE


Kurozato or muscovado sugar  200g / 7oz

Water                                           200ml 



1 In a pan, put Kurozato and water, and soak for a while to break the sugar up easily. Mix with water with a spatula and turn the heat on medium.

2 Bring to the boil then turn the heat to low, and remove the impurities off with a ladle. 

3 Bring to the boil again then turn the heat off, and leave it to cool. Keep in the fridge.



 Matcha Latte with Kuromitsu


It's very nice to add Kuromitsu in Matcha Latte!  Nice to add it in Hojicha Milk, too.

You can also make a delicious dessert with Kuromitsu.

Tofu Dessert, 豆花(Douhua) Recipe



Enjoy Kuromitsu in your style!!



Today's Recommendation

Add Kuromitsu and have a nice and sweet cup of tea! 

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・Black tea

Yunomi Tea House Blend Wakocha Japanese Black Tea 50g

Start with our blend if you haven't had Wakoucha (和紅茶)-Japanese black tea. 


How about having Matcha Latte with Kuromitsu?

Yunomi Matcha: Premium Culinary Grade Matcha   


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