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Yunomi Resealable Bags

Beginning in November, 2016, we are gradually moving toward offering tea in Yunomi resealable bags. There will be a few exceptions when the original packages are themselves beautiful or vacuum sealed. In those cases, when there is resealable ziplock on the bag, we will provide a complimentary Yunomi resealable bag.

Value per 100 grams is

  • Up to $14.99 - Resealable brown craft bag
  • $15.00 - $24.99 - Resealable Green or yellow bag, Japanese washi paper material
  • $25.00 - $44.99 - Resealable Silver Japanese washi paper material
  • $45.00+ - Resealable Gold Japanese washi paper material

Yunomi resealable storage bags for tea

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  • Mike

    It just seems to me that exposing delicate teas to oxygen an extra time to repackage is not in the interest of the best cup. I understand it could possibly save on shipping cost, but if I am going direct to Japan for my tea it means I am looking for the best experience.

    How can we request “original” packaging? Especially if the original packing was nitrogen purged, I would prefer not to lose that.

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