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Yunomi Delivery Guarantee

Sending orders from Japan to 72 countries around the world gets complicated and costly as many of you know. As an experiment to improving our customer experience, we'd like to experiment with enhanced and simplified shipping. 

This policy will supersede all other policies until December 31, 2016, as an initial trial.

Standard Airmail - No Delivery Guarantee

  • Ship at your own risk. In exchange for a very low price on international airmail, you bear the risk of loss or damage.

Premium & Express Airmail - Yunomi Delivery Guarantee

  • Yunomi guarantees delivery of all retail orders whether or not tracking is available. If your order does not arrive in 2 weeks (Express) or 4 weeks (Premium), contact us. If it arrives damaged send us a photograph.
  • We will reship your order or replace damaged items immediately or refund you if the items are not available.
  • Premium Airmail - 1-3 week shipping time (usually 5-10 days). Tracking available wherever available.
  • Express Airmail: 3-7 day shipping time. Tracking available for most countries. 
  • Condition: We reserve the option to refund you and close your account if deliveries repeatedly fail.

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