2021 Multilingual Shopping, Base Currency Change, Multi-Currency Shopping Enabled for Credit Cards - Yunomi.life

On January 1st, 2021, Tokyo time, we will be pausing purchases for a few hours while we switch our base currency from US Dollars to Japanese Yen. Going forward, all PayPal purchases will be made in Japanese yen.

Prices will be adjusted at a rate of 100 yen / 1 USD, so a $10.00 product will become 1000 yen. At the time of this writing, the exchange rate is 103.61, so this amounts to a small discount across the entire website.

We will also take this opportunity to introduce multi-currency purchasing for credit card purchases (non-PayPal) beginning with US Dollars, Euro, British Pounds, Canadian Dollars, Australian Dollars, and Singaporean Dollars. Purchases made in your own country's currency may still be considered a foreign transaction though since we are based in Japan. Please consult your bank / credit card company regarding this policy.

Finally, we are implementing multilingual functionality on the website. Initially product information etc will still be in English only, but site-wide labels like "Cart" and "Menu" will be available in multiple languages. We hope in the future to create a program to help crowdsource translation and explanation of cultural context.

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