Kakishibu: Natural Color for a Natural Life

Victoria Garafola

What is Kakishibu? Kakishibu is a natural dye derived from juicing unripe persimmons. The juice is then fermented to create the final product, a tannin which can be used in many domestic situations. This dye is of great cultural value to the Japanese people and...

A Home for Art on a Hill in Wazuka - Yunomi.life

A Home for Art on a Hill in Wazuka

Asako Inoue

What is Wazuka? Wazuka is a town in Kyoto Prefecture famous for its high quality tea. The farming families in Wazuka have been producing Ujicha for over 800 years. Today around 300 farming families still live in Wazuka. Art Appears Tucked away between rolling tea...

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Welcome to the Chagenkyo Matsuri: Wazuka’s Teatopia Festival

Victoria Garafola

What is Chagenkyo? Celebrating the long history of tea cultivation in Kyoto, the Chagenkyo Matsuri is a festival that has taken place annually for over 30 years. Located in the town of Wazuka, visitors can enjoy great tea and cultural education in a scenic location.Wazuka was...

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5 Places from Murakami’s Japan

Yunomi Staff

Haruki Murakami Murakami became a literary legend with his 1987 novel Norwegian Wood. Since then, he has stolen the hearts of readers with his quirky, slightly fantastic, yet somehow realistic worlds. His main characters are accessible yet not quite typical. Shibuya, Tokyo 【After Dark】 While...

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Camping on rooftop in Shimokitazawa

Team Yunomi

Want to go camping but don’t have the time to get out of the city? One option is to go to Shimokitazawa (Tokyo) where you can find Shimokita Terrace. It is a rooftop terrace with barbeque facilities and a beer garden.   A photo posted...

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10 Reasons Why Only 3.5% of Japanese Are Obese

Yunomi Staff

The Japanese are notorious for both their slender bodies and delicious food. While these two things are usually mutually exclusive, Japan has managed for find the perfect balance. How has Japan managed to keep their obesity level at just 3.5%?

How to choose Japanese tea

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