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How to steep Japanese green tea for several guests

How to steep Japanese green tea for several guests - Yunomi.life

ChunIan |

Guide to Steeping Japanese Tea

We pour a little into each cup for each guest in order to average out the strength of the #tea. In all I spent about 30 seconds and in that time the leaf continues to steep. So, when you follow guidelines that say, for example, to steep for 1 minute, you may actually steep some of that tea for more than 1 minute. But averaging it out ensures that you present your guest with a delicious cup.

The cheat: use a separate tea pot and pour all the tea out at once.

Cheat #2: instead of steeping on large pot with a lot of #tea, combine several steeps to create a large pot from one serving of tea leaf. (Of course you’ll be averaging the flavor of the first and subsequent steeps...)

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