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Kurihara Tea Farm Blog: New Year Greeting from Akio Kurihara-san

Kurihara Tea Farm |

A Happy New Year.
It’s a belated greetings ^^;

I will do my best in everything this year as well!

In tea making climate and soil of the land plays an important role, but I believe the people making the tea is the key.

First of all, we should face and understand the soil, climate, and tea field.

Wherever the production region may be, the most important thing is to face and put everything into tea making. Let’s promote the beauty of Japanese tea to the world.
Yes, I want to do so… but not sure how ^^;

I will appreciate your continued support in 2015 m(__)m

2015年 本年もどうぞよろしくお願いいたしますm(__)m

(I hope we can become a bridge in bringing Japanese tea to the world. We will do our best as YUNOMI this year as well!)


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