Aomori Dattan Sobacha Bread

Reiko Taichi

Recipe by Reiko Taichi Servings: 6 pieces *This recipe uses baking machine. Ingredients 2 Tablespoon Aomori Dattan Sobacha 200g Bread flour 10g Wheat bran (optional so can be omitted if not in stock) 15g Cane sugar (or granulated sugar if not in stock) 140cc Warm...

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The top 3 souvenirs in Odawara.


Odawara city office made the list of the 33 special products which the odawara citizens chose. Here are three good products recommended for a souvenir. This ranking comes from 小田原セレクション2015「市民が選んだ 小田原みやげ」. Buy green tea direct from Japan 1: Odawara Kamaboko “Hokujo” Japanese name: 小田原かまぼこ 北條 Company:...

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Shinmai – Japanese First Crop Rice

Team Yunomi

September is the time when the first crop of rice is harvested. In Japanese, the first crop rice is called “Shinmai”  (新米). If you are visiting Japan in September or October, then you will have a good chance of tasting the Japanese first crop rice. You can...

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Team Yunomi

Mentaiko (明太子) is made from fresh pollack or cod roe and is used in Japanese dishes. Most commonly it is served with a bowl of rice or used as a filling for Onigiri (お握り).   A photo posted by yomo (@yomo531) on Sep 14, 2016...

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How to choose Japanese tea

By partnering with a hundred plus artisanal Japanese tea farms and factories, we offer hundreds of green teas, and dozens of matcha, black tea, oolong tea, etc. Where do you start?

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