Shipping to Indonesia

Ian Chun
One of the following identification numbers is required when shipping to Indonesia. Please add it to the order notes box or Company name box when ...

Shipping from Japan to Spain: How to avoid excessive Spanish customs processing fees by doing the customs processing yourself.

Ian Chun
One of our customers discovered how to complete customs processing himself when importing Japanese tea into Spain by postal mail. He purchased 6288...

Shipping Info - Europe

Ian Chun
UK In the United Kingdom, customs duty is charged for shipments valued over £135, and the rate for green tea is 3.2%, black tea 0%.

Shipping Info - Mideast & Africa

Yunomi Staff
If you have tips that you can share with other customers, pease post in the comments. Saudia Arabia - Shipping by DHL is not allowed for food prod...

Notes on Shipping to Australia: Fruits, Premium Airmail, etc.

Yunomi Staff
FRUIT - Please note that teas or other items containing pieces of fruit are not allowed to be shipped to Australia. PREMIUM AIRMAIL - Until March 2...

Shipping Method: Surface Air Lifted (SAL)

Yunomi Staff
Surface Air Lifted (SAL) is a postal shipping method that is faster than surface mail (which might take 2-3 months and be transported in hot sea-b...

How to choose Japanese tea

By partnering with a hundred plus artisanal Japanese tea farms and factories, we offer hundreds of green teas, and dozens of matcha, black tea, oolong tea, etc. Where do you start?

We recomend starting with Sampler Sets!