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Have you ever tried the very first hand-picked tea of the season? This is your opportunity to enjoy Bizenya’s first shincha from their organic tea plantations handpicked only once a year; Nogi-en (located in the famous Sayamacha region: Takahagi, Hidaka city, Saitama prefecture). Originating from their April 29th morning Yabukita harvest, this tea will bring forth a refreshing aroma of both shincha and withered tea. You are sure to experience a richness that can only be produced with Bizenya's hand-picked tea leaves!


Product Info

  • Cultivars: Yabukita (Bizenya)  
  • Ingredients: Shincha, green tea 
  • Harvest: April 29th, 2020
  • Net weight: 45g x 2 = 90g
  • Region: Takahagi, Hidetaka City, Saitama, Japan
  • Production notes: Handpicked, grown without pesticides

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