AOI Seicha: Heritage Grade Gyokuro for Competition

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AOI Seicha


Selected and blended from award-winning tea leaves

The teas submitted to Prefectural, Regional, and National level tea competition from farmers are then bid upon by factories who refine the leaves and turn them into a finished product. Consistently buying the award winning gyokuro teas from these competitions, AOI Seicha then blends them to offer you the best of the best.

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Net Weight: 100 grams in original bag, 20-gram sized packed by Yunomi for your tasting convenience.
  • Cultivar: Blended
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Cultivation & Processing Notes: Shaded for 3 weeks before harvest.
  • Region: Blended

Steeping notes

  • First steeping - Tea: 3 grams. Time: 3-5 minutes. Water: 50C/122F, 80 ml.
    The purpose of this steep is to create an rich, umami syrup-like broth.
  • Second steeping - Time: immediate. Water: 70-90C/160-195F, 200 ml
    In subsequent steeps, you've already primed the leaves and extracted much of the umami, so enjoy the other flavors with water at hotter temperatures.
  • Third / fourth steeping - Time: 30-60 seconds. Water: 70-90C/160-195F, 200 ml
  • Remember, steeping at a hotter temperature extracts caffeine and bitter-tasting catechin (antioxidants) while cooler temperature extracts only the umami-tasting L-theanine and other sweet flavors. Since the bitter flavors overwhelm the umami flavors, we recommend the above.
  • Also try cold steeping as well as ice steeping!

Vendor Info

  • Name: Aoi Seicha
  • Type: Factory
  • Established: 1910, company incorporated as AOI Seicha in 1966.
  • CEO: Ayano Honda
  • Employees: 60
  • Address: Kamiyashiki-7 Kamimachi, Nishio-shi, Aichi-ken 445-0894

Matcha for the North American market can be bought from U.S. subsidiary AOI Tea

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