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a life steeped in tea

Based in Japan, Yunomi bridges language and logistics barriers to bring you to a land steeped in tea. Explore over 120 small-scale Japanese tea farms, tea factories, crafts and gourmet food producers.

Buy Matcha Tea The best matcha from the brands sold in Japan.
Tea wareCrafted for Japanese tea from both ceramic artisans and artists.
Japanese Green TeaChoose your sencha, gyokuro, and other green teas by type, region, cultivar, etc.
Black & Oolong TeasCombine Japanese tea leaves with artisanal skills to produce black teas, and you get...
Japanese Lifestyle ProductsSteep your life in tea with these Japan-made goods for your closet, kitchen, dining, and living rooms
Japanese PantryTo fully enjoy Japanese tea, you need the cuisine. Here are the ingredients you can only find in Japan.