Kiroku Tea Garden: Single Cultivar Okumidori Matcha from Wazuka, Kyoto

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Size: 30g / 1 oz / Yunomi resealable bag / Procured Sept 2021
JPY ¥3,880

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Tencha farmers from Wazuka Village, Kyoto—sisters Ui and Megumi Hori, and their mother—bring you a small batch (only a few dozen kg harvested) matcha made from Okumidori, a cultivar known for it's deep, dark green color, and delicate flavor profile. While the cultivar was developed to make sencha, now it is becoming common to see a Okumidori cultivar based matcha or gyokuro. It is often the case that this cultivar is blended with another/other cultivar(s). But the Kiroku Tea Garden bring you a single cultivar Okumidori matcha for you to try! 


Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Cultivar: Okumidori
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Notes: No pesticides, synthetic fertilizers used.
  • Region: Wazuka Village, Kyoto


About the Garden

The 4th generation Kiroku Tea Garden is in the heart of Wazuka, Kyoto prefecture, an area whose mountain tea fields and undulating terraced slopes thick with fog make perfect tea-growing conditions. Founded nearly 100 years ago, before cars and farming machinery were available, their mountain fields were cleared by hand by the Great-Grandfather of sisters Megumi and Ui Hori.

Today, with their mother, the sisters find themselves in the unusual position of being a farm entirely owned and operated by women. After the passing of their father, the three women took over the running of the farm to continue their family’s legacy, one that began in these fields all those years ago. In the male-dominated tea agriculture and production industry, their efforts are a challenge to the status quo. At Yunomi, we are proud to support their dedication. To learn more about the Kiroku Tea Garden, please check out our interview with Ui Hori (posted April 2021)

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