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December Specials


20% off select accessories for your tea life with code:


We are preparing to move into larger office soon! More info due out on December 14th on this project!

To both raise money for this upgrade to our business, and to make the move easier, we are offering a clearance sale and 3% to 10% off discounts on eGift cards (see below). eGift cards are store credit that can be use together with discount coupon codes, and since they don't expire, they allow you to lock in savings for the future.

Gyokuro  Sencha  Fukamushicha  Matcha Matcha Accessories Hojicha  Genmaicha  Black Tea Oolong Tea  Kyusu Tea Pots  Chasaji Tea Scoops  Sakura Products  Gourmet ingredients  Sweets (Chocolate, cookies) 


Discounts on eGift Cards


Note: Only one coupon code can be used per order. Clicking on the below links automatically applies the coupon code for that eGift Card type. eGift Cards are sent by email, may be used with discount codes on other promotions, and have no expiration date. Wholesale accounts are not eligible.