Ikegawa Tea Farm Coop: 2023 First Flush Sencha, Kiri no Zei 池川一番茶[霧の贅]

Size: 10g / 0.35 oz / Harvested May 2023 / Yunomi Sample Bag
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This first flush sencha, "Kiri no Zei" comes from Niyodogawa Village, Kochi Prefecture. Nourished by the famous water of the clear stream Niyodo River, this tea was grown in an ideal location for tea where one finds temperature differences between day and night and fog in the early spring. It is a famous tea made in Niyodogawa Town, which is rich in nature and is considered one of the major tea producing areas of Kochi. 

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Net weight: 100 grams
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Region: Niyodogawa Village, Agawa District, Kochi Prefecture

Steeping Info

  • Tea: 5 grams. Time: 1 min. Water: 70C/158F, 200 ml.

Vendor Info

  • Name:  Ikegawa Tea Farm Coop (Ikegawa Chagyo Association)
  • Type: Agriculture Cooperation
  • Location: 1696 Sakamoto, Niyodogawa Village, Agawa District, Kochi Prefecture

Ikegawa Tea Farm Coop

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