Ogura Tea Garden: Yabukita Wakocha First Flush Black Tea from Ashigara, Kanagawa

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Ogura Tea Garden

This wakocha, or Japanese black tea, utilizes Yabukita cultivar tea plants, and is grown without the use of pesticides. From the first flush in late spring, farmer Yuki Ogura produces this black tea in the style of first flush Darjeeling tea, withered, rolled, then lightly oxidized.

  • Ingredients: Black tea
  • Cultivar: Yabukita
  • Harvest: Early May
  • Region: Ashigara, Kanagawa
  • Notes: Grown without use of pesticides.

About the Ogura Family

Yuki and Junko Ogura moved to Odawara from Tokyo a decade ago to pursue a life closer to nature, and engage in their passion for tea. Learning from the tea farmers in Ashigara, the town just north of Odawara City, they cultivate tea without the use of pesticides.

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