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4th market

4th-market is a brand established in 2005 by four kiln in Yokkaichi city, a region famous throughout the world for its pottery tradition called, bankoyaki (万古焼). This joint venture is an attempt by these four generations-old kiln to produce a new type of bankoyaki that will meet the needs of current and future lifestyles.



There are things that we feel attached to in everyday life. There is nothing special about them because it is so close and natural to our everyday life. We feel that this “everyday” or “ordinary” quality that we repeatedly go through is the most special quality in our lives. Not too fancy, not too cute, not too simple… we want to create/produce/make a product that adds a little “something” to the ordinary lives of people.

4th market


Yokkaichi Bankoyaki is a pottery production region with a history going back to the Edo period (1600 - 1868). The long tradition of kyusu (tea pot), earthenware and heat-resistant ware are all representative products of Yokkaichi Bankoyaki.

The four kilns of 4th-market each specializes in different types of ware: kyusu tea pots, table ware, heat-resistant ware, earthen pots. Together, we teach, learn, borrow, and combine the methods and techniques from each kiln. Our motto is to “express and make the most out of our techniques in making a new product.” We believe this is something that is impossible in mass production.

History & Info

Company Info

Name: 4th-market

Location428-1 Higashikawara, Kosugicho, Yokkaichi, Mie 512-0902, JAPAN JAPAN

Established: 2005