sweet-potatoRecipe by Reiko Taichi
Servings: 6 pieces


350g sweet potato (peel the skin)
2 tablespoon brown sugar
2 tablespoon heavy cream
15g unsalted butter
3g matcha (Obubu: Gokouo Matcha)
Salted sakura (Kobayashi Shoten: Sakura Tea) to your liking


1) Steam sweet potato⇒cut sweet potato into three pieces. If you do not have a steamer, wrap potatoes with wet paper towel and place in 500W microwave for 6 minutes.
2) Put sweet potatoes in a bowl and add sugar and butter while still hot. Use a musher to mix the ingredients. If you do not have a musher, you can also use mixer or blender.
3) Once mixed well, add heavy cream and mix.
4) Take out 1/4 of the mixture from the bowl, add matcha and mix well.
5) Divide the matcha and plain sweet potato mixture into 6 pieces each.
6) Place plastic wrap on your palm, put matcha and plain potato mixture, roll and shape into a ball.
7) After shaping it into a ball, tightly twist and squeeze the opening of plastic wrap. This makes crease on the top.


– In step 7) creating a crease makes the sweet potato look more like a wagashi (Japanese sweets).
– This recipe uses salted sakura and gold powder. You can also use sweet red beans as decoration.

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