Kyoto Kouyoucha, Ume shiso konbu matcha blend by Kouyoudo - 2g x 12 packets

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Size: 24g (2g x 12 packets) / 0.85 oz
JPY ¥1,180

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Sold at Buddhist temples throughout Kyoto, this matcha blend includes powdered shiso (perilla leaves), ume (Japanese plum), konbu (kelp seaweed) and of course matcha from Kyoto, in a flavor that is certain to help bring your to enlightenment. 

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Product info

  • Ingredients: Roasted salt, sugar, powdered konbu (kelp seaweed), starch, matcha from Kyoto, freeze-dried powdered shiso (perilla leaves), freeze-dried powdered ume (Japanese plum), amino acid flavoring, acidulant, flavoring.
  • Net weight: 24g (2g x 12 packets)
  • Manufacturer: Kouyoudo
  • Region: Kyoto

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