Morita Tea Shop: Tea Time, Genmaicha with Matcha (200g)

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The product name for this genmaicha with matcha blend is literally called “Tea Time” ( 庭待夢(てぃーたいむ)), the Morita Tea Shop played a bit with the use of characters to have it read that way in Japanese. Blending matcha into leaf teas (sencha or genmaicha mostly), is this idea new to you? It is actually liked by many people! This genmaicha was made with domestic Japanese brown rice with a base of fukamushicha and with high quality Uji matcha. The Morita Tea Shop recommends brewing it quickly at a high temperature to bring out the bright green color of matcha, the fragrant aroma of brown rice, and of course its rich flavor. 
The Morita family has been craftily blending tea for some 80 years in the Sayama region of Saitama prefecture (north of Tokyo, and one of the major tea producing regions in Japan) to develop  high quality tea. As a blender, they select high quality leaves from various tea farms in Japan, and buy it as aracha or processed but unfinished tea.


Product Info

  • Name: Tea Time, Genmaicha with Matcha
  • Japanese Name: 抹茶入玄米茶「庭侍夢」
  • Ingredients: Green tea, toasted brown rice, matcha green tea powder
  • Net weight: 200 grams / 7 oz
  • Harvest of the tea leaves: Summer
  • Region of the tea leaves: Sayama, Saitama
  • Vendor: Morita tea shop
  • Location: Saitama Prefecture

Steeping notes

  • Tea: 3g. Time: 45-60 sec. Water: 90C/194F, 1 cup.

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