Sozairyoku: Japanese soup stock, Konbu-dash, 5g packets

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Yunomi Pantry

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Japanese soup stock made with Konbu (Kelp) from Hokkaido Prefecture.

No synthetic salt additives added (all salt content is obtained naturally from the ingredients).

Product Info

  • Name: Japanese soup stock, Konbu-dashi
  • Japanese Name: 素材力だし こんぶだし
  • Ingredients: Ingredients for the flavor (konbu or kelp extract, powdered konbu), dextrin, sugars (maltose, sugar), yeast extract, starch, rice oil
    • 風味原料(昆布エキス、昆布粉末)、デキストリン、糖類(麦芽糖、砂糖)、酵母エキス、でん粉、米油
  • Size: 140 gram (5 gram x 14 packets x 2 units)
  • Note: Cooking Miso Soup for 5 persons: 1packet / 750 ml of boiled water 

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