Okumura Seikan: Tea Canister, Chiyogami Washi Paper, Gold and White Tortoiseshell Pattern (size for 175g sencha)

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Okumura Seikan

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Washi (和紙) is a uniquely beautiful type of paper from Japan. This tea can is wrapped in a specific kind of washi paper called Chiyogami (千代紙), and holds approximately 175 grams of tea leaves. The plastic inner cover keeps the can airtight, but the can is made primarily for frequent use of the tea leaves contained.

This particular design uses the tortoiseshell pattern or 亀甲 kikkou.

Product Info

  • Diameter: 75 mm (2.95 inches)
  • Height: 150 mm (5.906 inches)
  • Volume: About 175 grams of high grade sencha tea leaves

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