Mannen: Togarashi Umecha - Chili Pepper, Plum & Kelp Soup Tea Powder とうがらし梅茶

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Size: 48g (2g x 24 packets)
JPY ¥999

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Spice up your afternoon! In Japan, we would consider this a tea due to the fact it is often drunk, like tea, as refreshment rather than as part of a meal. But the savory flavor makes it more of an instant soup from a Western perspective. Either way, the delicious balance of chili pepper spiciness, savory konbu (kelp seaweed) broth flavor, and a touch of sour Japanese plum is addictive.

The Japanese plum is made from the Kishu region (Wakayama Prefecture), and the konbu comes from Hokkaido up north.

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Product Info

  • Ingredients: Table salt, dextrin, konbu (kelp seaweed), chili pepper (togarashi), dried Japanese plum (ume), flavoring (amino acids, etc), acidulant, flavoring.
  • Contents: 48 grams (2g x 24 packets)


  • As tea: Dissolve a packet of the powder in hot water (80C/176F or hotter, using a cup or bowl of about 150 - 200 ml).
  • As broth: Dissolve a packet as desired in hot water and it is ready for use.

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