Seikoen Tea Factory: Itoigawa Batabatacha Traditional Herbal Blend 古くから糸魚川に伝わる「バタバタ茶」

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"Batabata ​-​cha​" (also known as "tatecha" or "furicha") ​is one of the local traditional banchas of Japan that has been historically enjoyed in the ​Itoigawa​ (Niigata prefecture) region ​for a long timeBatabatacha is said to have originated in the neighboring prefecture of Toyama Prefecture in the town of Asahimachi Birudan. Today, it is a rare tea. This batabatacha from Seikoen is made by boiling the blended batabata tea androasted soybeans, hojicha (roasted tea), and tea flowers. Then, adding a ​tiny bit ​of salt, and whipping​ the drink​ with a special chasen​, kind of like one would do to make matcha. ​​ It is said that the unique name​, "batabata"​ comes from the sound of making ​this particular ​tea or the rushing hours of the morning​. In Japanese, "batabata" is one of the onomatopoeias that signifies commotion and ​when used as an adverb, can mean flapping, rattling or cluttering (noises). 

Note: The special bamboo batabata-cha chasen that is used to make this tea is available through Seikoen. 


Flavor Notes

Using more modern steeping parameters, the tea offers a toasty base flavor with a note of herbs and a strong buttery aftertaste.


Steeping Recomendation

  • Tea: 5 grams
  • Time: 3 minutes
  • Water: Hot water (tasting notes above used 90C/195F degrees), 400 ml


Product Info

  • Ingredients: kawara ketsumei (Chamaecrista nomame), roasted green tea (hojicha), roasted soybeans, tea flowers (camellia sinensis flowers)
  • Region: Itoigawa, Niigata Prefecture


Vendor Info

  • Name: Seikoen Tea Factory
  • Type: Tea Finishing Factory based in Northern Japan
  • PresidentYoshiyuki Matsuki
  • Location: Ichinomiya 4-1-6 Itoigawa, Niigata 941-0056, Japan 

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