Yunomi Matcha YMC06: Premium Culinary Grade Matcha (Spring Harvest)

Size: 30g / 1 oz / Spring harvest

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Also known as a latte grade or cafe grade, this matcha is meant for use in making lattes, chocolates, ice cream, matcha latte, and baked goods such as cakes, frosting, cookies, etc. What it lacks in color and aroma, it makes up in a flavor balanced in umami and astringency, combined with a smooth texture. (Yes you can drink it straight as a matcha too, but it’s not nearly as good straight as ceremonial grade options).

Note: packaging may change from time to time.

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Yunomi Evaluation - 48/100

Based on our own tasting, this product has the following profile. However, tastings are not conducted side by side, and different water, ambient temperature, etc. may affect the outcome. Please use this profile as a simple guide.

  • Umami: 9/20 (20 being the richest umami)
  • Creaminess: 9/20 (20 being the creamiest)
  • Lack of Astringency:  9/20 (20 being least astringent)
  • Lack of Bitterness:  10/20 (20 being least bitter)
  • Texture: 6/10   (10 being the smoothest grinding)
  • Color: 5/10 (10 having the greenest, most vibrant color)

Product Info

  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Region: We source from Kagoshima, Kyoto, Nishio, Mie, and Shizuoka, Japan.
  • Harvest: Spring
  • Notes: All tea leaves are used were grown without pesticides but were not necessarily certified as organic


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Note: packaging may change from time to time.

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