Yamane-en: 2023 Spring Saemidori Fukamushicha Green Tea, Chirancha from Kagoshima 特選 知覧さえみどり

Size: 100g / 3.5 oz / April 2023

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100 grams of delicious, deep steamed sencha (called fukamushicha) from the Chiran Village of Kagoshima, made only with the naturally sweet, bright green Saemidori cultivar. Harvested in the spring, enjoy a deep, rich flavor with its beautiful green color.

Yamane-en tea master, Shiobara-san, highly recommends this single cultivar fukamushicha as he personally worked with the farmers in Kyushu to give it life as a commercial product at the same quality level as competition grade tea.

Steeping notes

  • Tea: 5 grams. Time: 60 sec. Water: 70C/158F, 200 ml.
  • We also highly recommend cold steeping this tea. 5g per 500 ml, steep in the refrigerator for 4 hours or more.

Product Info

  • Packaging: During the months of May and June, products procured will use the shincha (新茶) package. Afterwards, the ordinary packages are used.
  • Ingredients: Green tea
  • Cultivar: Saemidori
  • Harvest: April
  • Region: Chiran, Kagoshima


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