Okumura Seikan: Wajimanuri Lacquerware Steel Can


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Wajimanuri, or lacquerware from the town of Wajima, is one of the great lacquerware traditions of Japan. The traditional process of applying lacquer may involve up to 124 steps in a labor-intensive process directed by a master craftsman and involving 5-7 of his apprentices.

Products using the traditional process can cost thousands of dollars. This steel can product uses a process if applying lacquer to the steel can by craftsmen in Wajima.

Product Info 

  • Diameter: 106 mm
  • Height: 79 mm
  • Shipping weight: 110g
  • Material: Steel can, lacquer
  • Manufacturer: Okumura Seikan
  • Location: Ide, Tsuzuki District, Kyoto


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