Jinsui Kiln: TOKI maru - SUMIKURO, Round Tokoname Kyusu Tea Pot (290ml, Black)


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In the world of craftsman, the time taken to enjoy tea is called “TOKIWASURE”, translated as forgetting the time (toki means "time", wasure means "to forget").

Forget the time, drink tea, and recall the time.
 -TOKI- kyusu was crafted to enjoy such "time".

This kyusu tea pot by ceramics studio Jinsui, one of the six oldest studios in the Tokoname ceramic production region. The handle is designed extremely long so that everyone can hold it the same way.

  • Size: W180mm×D120mm×H120mm
  • Volume: 290 ml
  • Material: Ceramic
  • Strainer: Ceramic mesh
  • Tradition: Tokoname-yaki
  • Region: Tokoname, Aichi, Japan

Note: All the measurements are approximate. Product color may slightly vary due to photographic lighting sources or your monitor settings.

This product has been tested to be free of lead and cadmium contamination. Do not use in microwave or dishwasher. Hand wash to clean.

About Jinsui

The origin of the name “Jinsui” 人水 came from the idea that humans (人 read as "jin") need water (水 read as “sui”), and where civilization develop, there is water.
When the previous generation started manufacturing teapots (kyusu), they took this idea and named it Jinsui.


How the color of the clay affects the taste of tea.

Black - When firing, the clay does not tighten (become dense), and when you look at the inside of the teapot at a microscopic level, there are many small holes. It is said that these small holes absorb the bitterness and unpleasant flavor when brewing tea, resulting in a tea that is smooth.

Gray - Upon firing, the small hole mentioned earlier becomes even smaller. This reduces the surface area for adsorption resulting in a taste closer to the original flavor of the brewed tea.

White - As with the color white, the taste will be in between the two colors mentioned earlier.


Our Company

What makes our company special is that the average age of our craftsmen are in their 40s, so we can have long-term relationships with them. We have two inspection processes, so the quality is high, and because we have a large number of employees, we can produce a large number of products.

Traditional teapots are nice, but we want to work with a new sensibility, so we try to manufacture everything from classic teapots to modern teapots.

Our company's concept is to convey Japanese culture through teapots (kyusu), so we would like to have people who travel from overseas pick up our products and spread Japanese culture to the world.

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