Hana & Haku: Decorative Washi Paper Panel (Red #2)


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A beautiful series of decorative panels made from Japanese washi paper and hand crafted into modern Japanese designs. Add one or mix and match into a series to bring the elegance of traditional Japan into your home.

Washi or 和紙, is literally "Japanese paper", and is the traditional form of paper that has been used in Japan for a thousand years. Made from Kochi Prefecture's naturally grown hemp, and manufactured in Tokushima.

Plumeria's founder and CEO Koji Kaneko met the head of the small factory that produces this paper, and wanted to find a way to bring its beauty into contemporary homes. Working with craftsmen in Ishikawa Prefecture, famous for its gold craftsmanship, he designed these panels as a way to display the exquisite elegance of traditional Japanese craft.

NOTE: Because these panels are handmade, the actual panel you receive may not be exactly as shown in the product images (the design will be the same, but the precise placement of elements may vary slightly). Thank you for your understanding.


Golden Rectangles
Panel Color
15 cm x 15 cm, Thickness: 13 mm
Product Weight
About 100 grams
Primary Material
Japanese washi paper made from natural hemp (grown and manufactured in Tokushima, Japan)
Country of Origin
Made in Japan


Company Name
Plumeria Co., Ltd.
Koji Kaneko
1-30-2-3F Uehara, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 151-0064
(Japanese only) cool-japan-style.jp
Our Business
Wholesale of traditional Japanese crafts, design and production of traditional Japanese crafts, sale and rental of washi paper panels to hotels and restaurants, etc.
Sales routes
Wholesale only within Japan. Please ask Yunomius about volume purchases.

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