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Nishimoto Co., Ltd. -
Nishimoto Co., Ltd. -

Nishimoto Co., Ltd.

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Nishimoto-san is a young lacquerware craftsman based in Kaga City, Ishikawa Prefecture, a lacquerware production center. IMAGE


When did you start working in in the field of lacquer ware?

In 1990, I entered Michiba Lacqureware Store, a company manufacturing wholesale lacquer ware for tea ceremony. This company later became the current Nishimoto KK. Michiba Lacquerware Store is the house where iron chef Michiba Rokusaburo was born.

In 2009, established Nishimoto KK, inheriting Michiba Lacquerware Store. In April of the following year, started the business.

Why did you start working in the field of lacquer ware?

Yamanaka-onsen of Kaga city where I live and grew up is the place where lacquer ware has been produced and is the traditional handicraft. It was very natural that I chose this job. Within the world of lacquer ware, tea ceremony ware was a field in which it required high quality and traditional design. I felt extremely rewarding, proud, and passionate, so I decided to work at Michiba Lacquerware Store.

Michiba Lacquerware Store was closing down. Feeling a crisis of losing the highest quality in skill and industry, along with a strong request from artisans and what’s more confidence, pride and love for its technique, I came to establish a new company that would succeed the business in order to protect and develop artisans’ lives.

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    Nishimoto Co., Ltd.

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