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Kuki Sangyo - Yunomi.life

Kuki Sangyo

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Our History

Kuki was founded in 1886 (Meiji Era Year 19), the era of turbulence, when Monshichi Kuki started pressing sesame oil in Yokkaichi city, Mie Prefecture with an oil machine he acquired from the British. He applied the “continuous pressing method”, making Kuki the first company in Japan to apply this particular type of manufacturing process for the production of sesame oil. It was at this time that Kuki’s commitment to sesame oil was born.

For over a hundred years, we have consistently stuck with the same unchanged traditional method as it was at the time of foundation and continue to make products that bring joy to our customers. Currently, Kuki is headquartered in Yokkaichi and has grown to be a comprehensive manufacturer of sesame seed products, which has developed two factories and four branch offices nationwide in Japan (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka).

Our Vision

Kuki has been in the sesame seed business without altering course for 130 years. We are confident in our technical strengths cultivated as a sesame seed product specialized manufacturer. Particularly, we are the market leaders in terms of quality, which include our own analysis system of residual pesticide. We stand by our products with pride, and backed by our technological advancements, we would like to deliver them into the hands of many more people. In addition, as globalization advances, our smartphones can be connected anywhere to anyone no matter where you are through emails, texts, or social media. Information around the world is obtained instantaneously, and the boundaries of national borders are steadily decreasing. Because of this new digital era, we believe that Kuki products will be expanded not only to Japan but also to people all over the world. We believe that it will be necessary for us in the future to promote our manufacturing methods, quality control, and tastes cultivated by our company to people overseas. For that purpose, we will always be one step ahead, we will remember to be grateful to everyone, and every employee will continue to make a safe, secure, and delicious product.

“One heart, one person, one grain” is in our logo. The idea is that one grain and one heart will help create new things with enthusiasm. And it is still the “heart” that connects “people” (hito) and “one” (hito). We will deliver products we love to you daily, with all our hearts.

Company Info

  • COMPANY NAME: Kuki Sangyo Co.,Ltd.
  • HEADQUARTERS: 11 Onoe-cho, Yokkaichi, Mie prefecture, Japan ESTABLISHED: 1951
  • FOUNDED: 1886
  • BUSINESS AREA: Production and sale of sesame products
  • CAPITAL: 60,000,000 yen
  • FISCAL YEAR: November 1 -October 31
  • EMPLOYEES: 190
  • PRODUCTION BASES: Main Factory(Mie Yokkaichi City), Takenari Factory (Mie Mie-gun Komono-cho), Manure factory
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  • Black Sesame (Kurogoma) Latte Non-Sweetened by Kuki Sangyo - Yunomi.life Black Sesame (Kurogoma) Latte Non-Sweetened by Kuki Sangyo - Yunomi.life

    Kuki Sangyo

    Black Sesame (Kurogoma) Latte Non-Sweetened by Kuki Sangyo

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  • Black Sesame (Kurogoma) Latte by Kuki Sangyo - Yunomi.life

    Kuki Sangyo

    Black Sesame (Kurogoma) Latte by Kuki Sangyo

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