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Homme Asakichi Tea Factory

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Established in 1868 as a wholesaler and tea refinement factory, Homme Asakichi is a family-operated business at the forefront of the tea industry in Aoi Ward, Shizuoka City. Company President Shigeru Homme is a certified Japanese tea instructor, and has led the company to produce top quality teas from Shizuoka. Yunomi's partner is son Tetsuya Homme.


The company obtained ISO9001 certification in 2003, and won the Gold Medal Award in 2006 at the World Green Tea Festival. In 2010, Homme Asakichi was certified to produce organic teas.

Our History

Among Shizuoka, Shizuoka City Aoi-ku Anzai District has formed a tea wholesale area from long ago, and there are tea industry halls, Shizuoka tea market, tea related material company etc. with tea industry related institutions in this area, and indeed It is regarded as a place of tea industry information dissemination.

Established in 1868, we have been selling wholesale tea specialty shops nationwide. Currently, we are promoting diversification of distribution channels such as gift sales at CVS, direct sales including home and small packets, supply of raw material tea leaves for plastic bottles, commercial wholesalers such as restaurants, exports to Asia and Europe, We are also focusing on developing new products.

In 2003, we acquired certification of ISO 9001 and aim for the provision of products and services that will further improve customer satisfaction, as well as "safe, secure and delicious", and will make a further leap forward to Shizuoka's leading tea maker It is developing.

Our company, the president has acquired the "Japanese tea instructor" qualification certified by the Japan Tea Instructor Association, and also obtained certification of the "reputed teacher" approved by the Chinese government.

In 2006, our 6th International Tea Ceremony (organized by the World Federation) was awarded the gold medal of our green tea in green tea department.

Company Info

  • Established: 1868
  • CEO: Shigeru Homme
  • Location: 3-65 Anzai,Aoi-Ku, Shizuoka City, Shizuoka Prefecture JAPAN

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