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About tea field tours at farm, Kyoto Obubu Tea Plantations

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kabuse sencha field

Intern Simona at Obubu Tea wrote a nice article on the tea field tour that Obubu gives. (We helped Obubu set up their internship programme in 2011, and their tea field tour for foreign travelers way back in 2010. Glad to see that it is doing so well!)

One of Obubu Tea’s goals is to bring Japanese tea to the world and make it more accessible to tea lovers. Obubu Tea offers Japanese Tea Tours, as an opportunity to experience Japanese tea culture and to look behind the scenes of a local tea farm. Do you know why some tea bushes are shaded? Or how matcha, a distinct Japanese powdered tea, is made? More to that, what is the best way to savor and enjoy your cup of tea? You can find the answers to all these and more during the 4 hour tea tour that combines a tea tasting session of a wide palette of teas: from vegetative and green kabuse sencha to very light and delicate kyou bancha; with a visit to several scenic tea fields up in the mountains.

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