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Yokota Tea Farm harvests autumn bancha under the blue sky

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The Yokota Tea Farm, which will begin selling on Yunomi.us by the end of October, is based in Sayama region of Saitama Prefecture, just an hour north of Tokyo. Tea farmer Yasuhiro Yokota is very interested in tea lovers from around the world and is currently doing his best to learn English. Please send him a short message to help him practice!

2013 Autumn Bancha Harvesting Japanese Tea Farmer Yasuhiro Yokota Yokota Tea Farm fields in Sayama, Saitama Yokota Tea Farm in Sayama, Saitama
(the 2nd – 4th photos were taken on a rainy day in August)

Quick update from Yokota-san: Now processing autumn bancha tea. The photo on the left shows the steaming process. The photo on the right shows Yokota-san feeling the leaves in the final rolling process. By feeling the leaves as they are processed, he can adjust the time, strength, and speed of the rolling to produce the best leaf…all part of the art and craft of making tea.
131004-autumn-bancha-processingAutumn Bancha Processing

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