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Tea Picking at Oisakien’s Tea Farm

Staff - Haruna |

Oisakien organizes tea picking events from the end of Apr until mid May.
I, staff Haruna, participated in the event on Apr 29!

Oisakien is a tea brand, so they don’t own tea farms. But they rent some tea farms that were abandoned because the farmers are too old to work or they don’t have any successors.

Once in a year, this season, Oisakien members and local people pick the tea leaves together in those tea farms. The picked leaves will become Handpicked Sayama Black Tea Bag and Handpicked Sayama Black Tea with Genmai and Black Soybean.

Oisakien doesn’t use pesticide or herbicide for the farms. They only trim the trees once a year.

Oisakien's Tea Farm
The farm for tea picking on Apr 29.


Oisakien's Tea Farm
First, Yuuki-san, a Motohashi-san’s son, teaches us how to pick tea.


Oisakien's Tea Farm
Every year, many local customers join the events. The old ladies in the picture say they come to the event for many years.


Oisakien's Tea Farm
Motohashi-san picks tea like this almost every morning during the season.


Oisakien's Tea Farm
Higa-san, a store staff of Oisakien, joined us in the middle.


Oisakien's Tea Farm
I picked and picked for over 2 hours… still this much! Tea picking is a hard work!


Oisakien's Tea Farm
A little girl also enjoyed tea picking! Look how much she picked!

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