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Shipping from Japan to Spain: How to avoid excessive Spanish customs processing fees by doing the customs processing yourself.

Ian Chun |

One of our customers discovered how to complete customs processing himself when importing Japanese tea into Spain by postal mail. He purchased 6288 yen worth of tea + shipping and instead of paying €58, he only paid €13 in fees. 

 (Disclaimer: We take no responsibility if you decide to attempt this yourself.)

This is the guide he followed: https://www.adslzone.net/reportajes/e-commerce/evitar-pagar-aduanas-adtpostales/

here is another forum with instructions and buyers commenting on their experience: https://myfigurecollection.net/blog/46101

Please post your experience in the comments (in Spanish is okay) for other customers if you attempt to do this. 

memo from a recent customer (April 2021): “Links are a bit dated as it seems, and the procedure today was relatively straightforward and fully online, just that all in all it took a lot of waiting. Amount that I had to pay corresponds to standard 21% VAT plus 6€ processing”

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Hi Ian,

Yes, this is true. I did it myself for this last order. I had to pay 10.94€ in taxes to Hacienda and then 5. 56€ when I collected it from the post office. So it is much cheaper than when done by DHL. However, it took over 2 months to get the parcel. I wonder whether it’s a lot quicker using DHL in these Covid times.

Emma Ruiz,

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