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Smoked Black Tea Mojito Recipe

Smoked Black Tea Mojito Recipe - Yunomi.life

Sachiko Murata |

To get through the heat wave, do you want a cold drink with a bit of a surprise?

Mojito mocktail with smoked black tea is here. It's tangy, frosty, sweet, and refreshing.This drink is perfect for summer.  You can't help making another, once you try a smoky flavored mojito!


Soda water, smoked black tea leaves, lime, mint from the left



What Goes Well with a Smoked Black Tea Mojito

Cheese and nuts go well with it.



Garnished with mint leaves and a lime wedge, it looks like a fancy drink you’d get at a bar.  Although I don't drink alcohol, I can feel like having it. Nice !!



Meat dishes go well with the mojito, too. The fizzy lemony flavor will make you happy. Also, you will be refreshed as black tea helps removing the meat fat.

How about having a mojito with your barbecue?




Of course, it will be good for parties and events. Enjoy your time with the mojito. 


Tea Option

You can use black tea instead of smoked black tea. The alternative will be good for children.





[ Serving: 1 glass (350ml) ] 

6g (about 2 tbsp) of smoked black tea leaves

200ml hot water 

lime (half), cut into 4 long wedges, plus extra for garnish

sugar or syrup, to taste

mint leaves, 2 sprigs plus extra sprig for garnish

100ml soda water 




Pour boiling water into a tea pot with the tea leaves ,and infuse for 3 minutes.Take the leaves out, leave until cool.  *Placing the pot into a bowl of cold water makes the tea cool quicker.


1 Place the lime and sugar in your glass, then crush the lime. Add the mint leaves pressing/bruising with the end of a rolling pin to release the aroma.

2 Fill the glass with ice cubes , pour over the black tea and soda water, stirring gently. Garnish with mint leaves and lime on top.




Cool off with this smoky mojito !




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The black tea leaves are smoked with various types of wood such as Whisky Oak Barrel Wood, Sakura, Matsu (Japanese pine wood), Cacao Wood grown in Japan etc. It is definitely worthwhile to compare across the smoked teas.


Tea cultivars:  mainly Yabukita, Sayamakaori, Kanayamidori

More stories of the smoked tea→ here 


Notes:  grown without pesticide by the environmental conservation cultivation method world renown as GIAHS (i.e., Globally Important Agricultural Heritage System). 




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