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For leaf teas and multi-packs: if one size is out-of-stock but a different size is available, we may be able to repack the item. Please inquire.


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The Fetcher’s Fee allows you to hire us to find a specific product that we do not ordinarily sell. 

  • Fetch it - You know exactly what you want and have a link; you just need someone in Japan to buy it and forward it to you. We will evaluate the whether the item can be procured and shipped to your country. Fee: about 1000 yen per product initially + international shipping in a follow up invoice. Additional Fee: If we buy it on your behalf, then 20% of all procurement costs (product, tax, domestic shipping) will also be added. If you buy it yourself and have it shipped to our warehouse in Japan, then we just charge the Fetcher’s Fee and international shipping. 
  • Online search of Japanese sellers - we encourage you to start with this option. We will spend up to an hour researching the product. If we already sell it, you’ll be refunded. Additional Fee: 20% of procurement costs (product, tax, domestic shipping). Maximum search time 90 min. With a minimum of 5000 yen.
  • In depth sourcing investigation - if we cannot find it immediately for sale online, we will contact professionals in the relevant industries. This is a more in-depth sourcing project mainly meant for companies. If it may require more time than 2 hours, you will be presented with a proposal for further investigation. Additional Fee: 20% of procurement costs. Full refund if we decline the project because we may not be a good match as a sourcing agent. However, the 25,000 yen fee is not refundable if you decline products proposed to you. 



You start by paying the above fees. If we cannot find it, or cannot ship it to you for some reason, no other charges are due. This fee is non-refundable.

If we can find it and can procure it for you, you will be sent an invoice for the cost of the subtotal (product cost, tax, domestic shipping), our procurement fee of 10%, and the shipping cost to your country.

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