Nakazen: Blended Herbal Tea ~ Okinawa Health King 琉球草木根皮茶 健王

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Here is a super herbal tea, the Okinawa Health King, made from a blend of 41 natural ingredients to support one's health (please see list of ingredients below). The base is guava leaves and with the rest of the ingredients, this tea will support your day-to-day health. Nakazen recommends this tea for those who are thinking about natural dietoing methods, those who enjoy fatty/oily foods, and to those who want to glow with beauty. This tea can be enjoyed cold in the summer time and hot in the winter. 


Product Info

  • Name: Okinawa Health King
  • Japanese name: 琉球草木根皮茶 健王
  • Ingredients: Guava leaves, Sicklepod (seeds),  Job's tears, dokudami ("poison blocking plant" Houttuynia cordata), kumis kucing (Orthosiphon aristatus), tochu leaves (Eucommia ulmoides), tumeric,   biwa (loquat) leavesGymnema sylvestre, mulberry leaves, Plantago asiatica, pine needles、wolfberry (goji) leaves, persimmon leaves, southern ginseng leaves (Gynostemma pentaphyllum), field horsetail (Equisetum arvense), mikan citrus peels, safflower, reishi mushroom, shiso (perilla), cinnamon, kuma bamboo grass (Sasa veitchii), ashitaba, quercus salicina,   liquorice leaves, fennel, herb-of-grace, Japanese hawthorn, Agrimonia pilosa, bay laurel, akamegashiwa, lemongrass, coastal hog fennel,   orange climber leaf, gardenia (cape jasmine), Japanese mugwort, chrysanthemum tea, Japanese mint, isodan Japonica (enmeisou), panax (Korean) ginseng
  • Ingredients in Japanese: グアバ葉、エビスグサ(種子)、ハトムギ、ドクダミ、クミスクチン、杜仲葉、ウコン、ビワ葉、ギムネマ・シルベスタ、クワ葉、オオバコ、マツ葉、クコ葉、カキ葉、アマチャヅル、スギナ、ミカン皮、ベニバナ、霊芝、シソ、ニッケイ、クマザサ、アシタバ、ウラジロガシ、甘草、ウイキョウ、ヘンルーダ、サンザシ、仙鶴草、月 桂樹、アカメガシワ、レモングラス、ボタンボウフウ、サルカケミカン(葉)、クチナシ、ヨモギ、菊花、ハッカ、エンメイ草、高麗ニンジン

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Steeping Notes

Pour 250 ml (8.5 oz, about one cup) boiling water into teapot with 5 grams (0.18 oz, about 1 tbsp) of 'Okinawa Health King' tea leaves. Wait for for 10 minutes, pour into cup to drink.

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