Nakai Tea Farm: Uji Matcha Seisho Blended (Premium Culinary Grade), Wazuka, Kyoto

Size: 100g / 3.5 oz / Spring Harvest

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Named Seisho, or “Green Pine”, after Seishoji, a Buddhist temple located a short walk from the Nakai Tea Farm.

Yunomi Evaluation - 45/100

Based on our own tasting in Mar 2023, this product has the following profile. However, tastings are not conducted side by side, and different water, ambient temperature, etc. may affect the outcome. Please use this profile as a simple guide.

    • Umami: 7/20 (20 being the richest umami)
    • Creaminess: 7/20 (20 being the creamiest)
    • Lack of Astringency:  8/20 (20 being least astringent)
    • Lack of Bitterness:  10/20 (20 being least bitter)
    • Texture: 7/10
    • Color: 6/10
  •    (10 being the smoothest grinding)
  • Color: 6/10 (10 having the greenest, most vibrant color)

    Product Info

    • Ingredients: Green tea
    • Net weight: 100g
    • Cultivar: Blended
    • Harvest: Spring
    • Region: Wazuka, Kyoto, Japan
    • Shading: 4 weeks (approximate), direct covering
    • Steaming: Regular
    • Certifications: While the Nakai family farms organically, Yunomi is buying in bulk and repackaging, so this product is not certified organic. Custom packaging by the Nakai family may be negotiated and requested by wholesale customers to create a certified organic final retail product.

    About the Nakai family

    Since the late 17th century, the Nakai family has been cultivating tea in the village of Wazuka, Kyoto. The 6th tea master, Masao Nakai, began organic and non-pesticide cultivation in 1980, a time when few people were concerned about producing organically. Aiming to create an agricultural system that coexists with the natural environment of the beautiful mountains, Nakai-san was a pioneer in the tea industry of Kyoto. His son, 7th tea master Michio Nakai, continues this tradition today.

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