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Higuchi Tea Factory - Yunomi.life
Higuchi Tea Factory - Yunomi.life

Higuchi Tea Factory

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Factory Grande The Kaneban Higuchi Tea Factory, operated by Masami Higuchi, processes tea for some 1/3 of the 60 farms in the small Asamiya region in Shiga prefecture, one of the five great ancient tea production regions in

Japan. (Read more about Asamiya here)

Yunomi is focused currently on bringing some of their more unique product online in English, but hope to have their entire line up available for purchase outside of Japan soon!


  • NAME: Kaneban Higuchi Tea Factory
  • L
  • OCATION: 344 Shimoasamiya, Shigarakicho, Koga City, Shiga Prefecture, 529-1842, JAPAN
  • SIZE / # of FIELDS: 3 hectares / 7.14 acres on 20 fields in the Asamiya region.
  • CULTIVARS: Yabukita, Beni Fuuki, Saemidori
  • TEA PLANT CULTIVAR: Yabukita (やぶきた), Saemidori (さえみどり), and Beni Fuuki (べにふうき or 紅富貴).
  • FARMING STYLE: Higuchi-san works with farmers who cultivate either without use of pesticides or with reduced pesticide cultivation (1/2 normal usage)

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